The Experience.

It's 2022! Perhaps, more than ever, we've realized how invisible the walls are between family & work, and where we live---including those new outdoor garden rooms! Your experience being photographed, starting with our planning phone call, is my secret to delivering portraits you love!!! COVID-19 isn't stopping that process, and making each photo session even MORE important. I wear a mask and physically distance with outdoor sessions (even when we need to make them look as though they were photographed inside), so you don't have to. Family portraits. Professional headshots.

The headshot. Yes, we all need them but most of us don't want to get them. I often visit companies at their location (currently outdoors), and create awesome portraits in a short amount of time. I get it. We don't have time for these, but we need them!

Senior portraits. We create what you love for the yearbook, and so much more! Why not? You're a digital native, and have been more photographed than any other generation. We take advantage of that, and make something extra special as a result. We often create family portraits, too, as this time is a family milestone begging for the rest of the family (moms, you, too: it's time to be seen!), along with the dog. New material for the walls, and a book to remember in the years ahead.

We create custom fine art portraits & albums for you as the expert---so you don't have to! Call, text or write. Let's do this together. 650.868.0977 nadine.priestley@gmail.com

Let's get started today! - Nadine